Did you know back injuries are one of the most common types of workplace injury, accounting for one of every five? According to the University of Virginia, 80 percent of the injuries affect the lower back and are caused by handling materials. Lifting a box in a warehouse can lead to sprains, neuromuscular and bone injuries.


Even worse, these back injuries may be incurable and continue to cause problems. Even if the injury seems healed, the pain can recur without cause and put you out of commission again. Instead of putting yourself at risk, try these three exercises to keep you lifting and moving.


  1. Body Stretches


Before starting your shift, take a few minutes to stretch your body. This loosens up your muscles and helps everything move easier. Try lifting your arms above your head and then slowly bending forward. Stand back up and bend slowly to each side. Place your hands on your hips and slowly twist from side to side, holding when you feel a tight muscle. After you’re done working, stretch again to keep your muscles relaxed.


  1. Push-ups


This basic move is helpful to build muscle all over your body, keeping you in the best shape possible for lifting heavy objects. You can complete them either by balancing on your hands and toes or letting your knees rest on the ground. Your core, arms, shoulders, and chest will thank you. Start by doing 10 a day, and see how challenging it is. If you find yourself struggling, slowly build your number higher each day. If 10 gave you no trouble, keep adding more until you can manage, but not without effort, and then add more each day.


  1. Work Those Shoulders


Shoulder rolls and shrugs are small movements that make a big difference. Work a few of these in before you begin lifting to loosen up your joints and prepare your arms. Make big circles with your arms and switch directions. Take one across your chest, hold it and apply pressure with the other, and stretch. Onsite-Physio recommends strengthening your rotator cuffs to build strength and avoid injury.


While there are a lot of exercises to try, these three options are simple, effective and easy to build into your daily routine. Start moving your body now to avoid back injuries later.


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